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We use unique hardware and accurate sensors plus a specially developed 3D- engine, which synchronize all movements of the skier on the simulator with a virtual slope you can see on a big screen.
On an endless slope you can change snow conditions of the slope. Add bumps, change from normal to icy or wet snow, move slalom gates, have fun! Then go and get crazy on race courses: the timing option allows to hold fully realistic competitions between many skiers. 

Rocky Mountain Ski Simulators - Ski and Ride Simulators


"That was awesome!"  Is the standard response to experiencing our Sky TechSport Ski Simulators; and is why companies around the globe have found that using a Ski / Ride simulator for Events, Conferences, & Trade Shows sets them above their competition.  Besides, a little cardio and competition always proves to be fun.

Renting a full motion ski / ride simulator for your next event is easy.  Our team of professionals will arrive onsite the day prior to set up the simulator, then stay with  you during your time of rental to assure everyone is safe and having an amazing time.

Rocky Mountain Ski Simulators, Indoor Ski Training

Train Like The Pros:

Racer Ready...  GO!  Training on these full motion ski and ride simulators bring a whole new meaning to Indoor Ski Training.  Rocky Mountain Ski Simulators specializes in Ski and Ride Simulators produced by Sky TechSport, offering the best indoor ski training.  World Cup athletes around the world are using this machine to work on techniques in a controlled environment, build strength, improve endurance, and medical rehabilitation.    

Perfect for teams or individuals looking to use the simulator for a multi-day events or 1 month blocks.  Our crew will arrive onsite to set up the simulator, then work with you and your coach's to train them on using the simulator. 

amazing Indoor Ski Experience

Train Like the Pros

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